Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More Wollmeise for raffle

OK, I am adding another skein of Wollmeise to the raffle. This is Campari Orange, and it's another example of Claudia's incredible way with colors!

Please, go to the website for the Breast Cancer walk, and donate in support of my friend. Note that all the money is going directly to the charity, my only involvement will be getting a list of those who've donated from my friend, and drawing names for winners.

And so far, there have not been many donations, so right now you'd have very good odds of winning if you choose to support this very important cause!

I'd like to give you an example of why Wollmeise is such great yarn, besides the fact that her amazing saturated colors are just so pretty! I knit a pair of socks for The Husband using Wollmeise. Normally, when I knit socks for The Husband, I have to use a contrast yarn for the ribbing, heels, and toes, or I run out of yarn. Yes, I married a Sasquatch. This picture shows a pair of socks knit for The Husband using one skein of Wollmeise. Next to them is a sock knit for my average, size 8.5 womans foot. Not only did I get a complete pair, I had yarn left over! So you have enough here to make socks for anyone.

And, for one more exciting prize, Kimber Baldwin of Fiber Optic Yarns has generously donated a skein of her Foot Notes in Black Nile. I wish I could take a picture that would do this color justice. This yarn is a joy to knit with, and the colors are amazing. Fiber Optic is a relatively new indie dyer, and I'm thinking once people start using her yarn, it's going to be another one that will be really hard to get hold of. So, here's your chance to get some now before the rush!

So, please, give yourself a chance to win some of this great yarn, and support an excellent cause at the same time!

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