Saturday, September 29, 2007

Works in Progress

I've noticed that a lot of knitterly blogs contain a list of what people are currently knitting. I started listing mine over on the side there, deciding to only include those items which I've actually put a row or two into during the past week. It's becoming obvious to me that the whole short attention span thing is definitely a problem of some ki.... Oooh! Look! Shiny!

Now, where was I? Oh, yes, it's a kind of problem when you're as easily distracted as some of us are. Because there are a lot of other WIP's that just didn't make the list, because I haven't worked on them lately. I can actually move the Opal socks to a completed projects list, because I finished them thanks to a lot of time in cars this week. You can see them over on the side.

Since they're done, I of course had to cast on a new pair. Here we have the beginnings of a pair of Opal Tiger socks for The Boy, who is a major Bengals fan. This is only scary as I already have several other pairs of socks on the needles, and I'm am drowning in UFO's.

Last fall, I taught a class in the Wonderful Wallaby at my favorite LYS, Fiber Naturell in Montgomery, OH. Last fall. And, I knit a size 2T Wallaby as a class sample. Then, I cast on another Wallaby in size 2T, to have a sweater to knit along with the class. In Bright Orange Canadiana, one of the few acrylic yarns that I like to knit with. By the last class, I was almost finished with the hood. I am still almost finished with the hood. This sweater has almost had a birthday, almost finished with the hood. I seriously have maybe an hour's worth of knitting and finishing work left on this. I am going to try to get this done & put it out of my misery very soon.

I love this pattern. It's Snowflake's Chance in Hell, from the The designers are Renée Rigdon and Zabet Stewart. These are just completely cool. They are also duplicate stitched. I think I might have finished them by now if I'd done them in Fair Isle. As it stands, I'm still on the first arm, and these have definitely had a least one birthday. Possibly two, by now. I want to finish these because I am knitting them in the local school colors, and I think I need to wear them to at least one football game.
By the way, if you go to their site to check out the pattern, you owe it to yourself to check out the knitter's guide to an emergency survival kit for when the zombies attack. Because you never know.

Now, these socks being unfinished is just plain sad. I bought the yarn for these from Cider Moon up at the Knitter's Connection earlier this year. It's their Glacier yarn, a superwash light worsted weight which is completely fun to knit with. They had small sample skeins of lots of their colors. I like their colors. And, having listened to Cat Bordhi's presentation on different ways of knitting socks, I decided to try my first pair of toe up socks. I finished knitting the first sock while I was still up there. I finished knitting the second one soon after I got back. I finished another whole pair of these for the brother in law that I like, and gave them to him while I was out in Jersey. I still have not sewn the ends in on this pair. To be fair, I do not ever wear socks in the summer. I have warm feet, so I did not anticipate wearing these soon.

This may actually have worked out ok for me in this case. While wasting time, I mean doing productive computer work, on Ravelry earlier today, I came across a post in the Socknitter's Anonymous group. Kemtee has a young friend who likes socks, and who needs to perhaps a little fun in her life right now. And she likes socks that don't match. In bright colors. Hello, it looks like this pair of socks might have been made with her in mind. Plus, her feet are the same size as mine. Coincidence? I think not. Obviously, the reason I did not finish these for several months is that they apparently were not made for me, as I thought at the time.

And these were only a few in the top layer of UFO's down in the dark, scary basement. I know that I have at least one project that is older than The Boy. The Boy is a sophmore at Miami University (in Ohio). I will leave it as an exercise for the interested student to do the math on that one. (And no, he is not the first 3 year old sophmore in the history of the university.)

In an effort to obtain a little focus on actually finishing things, I've signed up for the Stashalong Blog. I'm going with Option #3, the WIP/Numbers game. I'm going to commit to finishing some of the projects I have before I can shop for more yarn. This is going to be interesting, since the requirement is finishing, not just casting on and starting. I may have to dig out the Alien fingerless gloves and get the pattern finished.

Wish me luck. I'm going to need all the help I can g... OOoooh! Is that a new shawl pattern over there?

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Woot! I finally got an invitation to ravelry yesterday. Of course, it showed up just before I have to leave town for a week for work. On the plus side, I've finally taken some photos of some of my projects and uploaded them.

I seem to have a case of project attention deficit disorder (PADD). I always have to have at least one sock project. Right now, I think I'm at four. Or maybe five. Possibly seven. I don't really always like to remember how short my attention span is. Anyway, one of them is my first attempt at the one long circular needle, or magic loop, method.
I love Opal sock yarn. And I'm liking the magic loop, too. I almost bought this yarn again last weekend. I'm glad I thought long enough to remember "Wait a minute, I already have that at home." Then I bought a different skein in blues and greens. Just so you all don't think I was actually exercising self control, or anything like that.

And here we have another WIP that I uploaded. A variation on the Chevron Lace scarf, using Cider Moon yarn that I bought up at the Knitters Connection this year. I am really loving how the colors are going together. I honestly think that you could grab any 2 random yarns from Cider Moon and have something beautiful come out. The colors I'm using here are Hot Rod on the left, and Positano on the right. It looks like the lavender sections of both yarns are kind of pooling on the right side of the scarf. I'm looking forward to seeing if it continues to do this.

I even have a finished object to post. These socks were knit on size 2's with ONline supersocke 6-fach winter color. They're a birthday present for my friend Jenny, who is a tiny person with small feet. I'm posting them because I''m pretty sure she doesn't have my blog url yet, and anyway, I'll be out of town for her birthday party on Monday. (Hi, Jenny! If you see this before I get back, surprise! Hope you like them!) Did I mention that Jenny has small feet? I think I have enough of this yarn left to knit her an extra sock. Or maybe a pair of wrist warmers, if I can let go of that silly matching thing I have when using self striping yarn.

I'm a little bit afraid of what I'm going to find when I start sorting through my stash to post things on here and on Ravelry. I think there are UFO's in my sewing room that may actually be alien in origin. And there are a number of things in there that I'm pretty sure the only possible excuse for is temporary insanity. I may have to post a few photos of some of the scarier yarn and projects. After all, Halloween is just around the corner.